6. Mar. 2020

Bell Flight is an American manufacturer of helicopters and convoys based in Texas, USA. Last week, representatives of the company met with scientists at CEITEC Brno University of Technology to find out what the researchers are currently working on, and to discuss what their mutual cooperation could be in the development of intelligent systems and future technologies for the aerospace industry. 

Scientists from the research group Cybernetics for Materials Science, led by Professor Pavel Václavek, presented their current research during the meeting, which focuses, for example, on the development of automated means of transport, especially systems that enable automatic control. It is often forgotten that the topic of automatic driving is not only about the intelligence of the vehicles themselves, but also about developments in advanced electronic technologies that enable the processing and transmission of enormous volumes of data in real time, and addressing the reliability, safety and comfort of electronic systems . For example, one of the previously realized projects of the group members also dealt with the analysis of aircraft cabin noise.

Scott Drennan (vice president of Bell Flight for Innovation) said in a discussion with research group representatives that new collaboration opportunities are important to society not only in terms of technology development but also in terms of access to talented scientists who could work directly in development.

The meeting also included a visit to the laboratories of the research group, where scientists presented intelligent systems, a robotic testbed developed under the RICAIP project, and drive and performance control in practice.

Author: Kateřina Vlková

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