29. Aug. 2023

With the aim of promoting international cooperation and broadening the horizons of their students, a delegation of 14 students and 2 professors from the Physical Institute of National Sun Yat Sen University set out from Taiwan. They had a two-day program awaiting them at the CEITEC Brno University of Technology as part of a summer school. Practical workshops in the unique cleanrooms of CEITEC, where they familiarized themselves with the fundamental principles of working in clean environments including. They also had dedicated time with leaders of selected groups specializing in nanophotonics, electron microscopy, and atomic layers for nanowires, who presented specific topics to them in thematic lectures.

The visit at CEITEC BUT was organized as part of a special course that allows master's students at Kaohsiung University in Taiwan to visit top research institutes in different countries around the world, in addition to lectures and lessons in laboratories at their home university. Before the COVID pandemic, they had the opportunity to visit institutions such as the University of Houston and the University of California in the USA, Leibniz Institute and Max Planck Institute in Dresden, and research centers in Switzerland. Now, their journey was directed to Brno to visit CEITEC and the core facilities of CEITEC Nano. The organizer of the Taiwanese expedition was Professor Chien-Cheng Kuo, who was impressed with the facilities and research level during his previous visit to CEITEC as part of a scientific mission from prominent Taiwanese universities.

The short but intensive two-day program was divided into two parts, during which the students tried out practical skills in lithography and the preparation of nanostructures, and also went on a tour of the analytical section of CEITEC Nano, one of the largest and most modern equipped cleanrooms in the Czech Republic. The second day included thematic lectures in areas where CEITEC has extensive expertise.

"Taiwan belongs among the absolute world leaders in chip development and manufacturing, and one of our long-term strategies is, among other things, further development of CEITEC towards advanced chip technologies. We organized this short summer school with the purpose of deepening cooperation with Sun Yat Sen University, especially in the areas of joint education and expert exchanges," said Pavel Krečmer, Deputy Director of CEITEC BUT.

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