1. July 2022

On the first day of this summer the director of CEITEC MU Jiri Nantl invited all employees and PhD students to special summer meeting followed by a joint lunch. The goal of the event was to finally get together after the long absence of in-person events caused by the pandemic restrictions and to introduce results of the recent employee survey and plans for the future. More than 130 CEITECians gathered in the beautiful, and on this day also very sunny, Atrium to learn more about research culture at CEITEC and about future plans, important issues affecting all CEITEC employees and PhD students.

“We take the well-being of our people very seriously and therefore we decided to present the employee results in person. Our goal was to create awareness about current problems but also inspire people to help us with the implementation of sustainable solutions,” explains the head of the director’s office Eliska Handlirova. Eliska, who is also the main coordinator of the HR Excellence in Research Award, presented the survey results together with CEITEC´s spokesperson Ester Jarour.

The main mission of director´s office is to monitor, evaluate and communicate all aspects of CEITECs performance and to find ways how to do things better and how to remain globally competitive and attractive for potential employees and students. The management is committed to create better working environment so that everyone can feel more motivated and more satisfied while working at CEITEC.

The CEITEC employee survey was inspired by the Wellcome trust survey on research culture. Wellcome is well-established, global charitable foundation that wants everyone to benefit from science’s potential. Thousands of researchers, mostly based in UK and western Europe, have taken part in the largest ever survey about research culture. The results were quite shocking and showed that it's time for a change. CEITEC MU wanted to gather comparable data to understand the current research culture at CEITEC MU and to search for solutions that could be implemented at the institutional level. As the post-event survey revealed, many CEITECians appreciated this approach and praised the management´s effort to openly speak about the problems. The event participants were encouraged to suggest solutions. Eliska and Ester also provided several examples of already implemented tools that should contribute to better research environment at CEITEC MU.

More than 91 % of post-event respondents would likely attend such event for all employees in the future. The attendees rated very positively the possibility to be engaged during the presentation via Mentimeter and direct questions. They mostly praised the content of the event, possibility to meet colleagues, knowing that management takes care of employees and their needs, and the fact that management uses the data from the survey to improve policies.

The director of CEITEC MU Jiri Nantl introduced new Strategic Plan of CEITEC MU for 2021-2028 together with major institutional initiatives that will be put in practice in the nearest future, such as Cellular and Molecular Imaging Initiative (Teaming), projects submitted within the National recovery plan, and planned changes in space allocation related to new premises in the BioPharmaHub and potentially Biology Park. These initiatives should help us to fulfil the institutional vision to become a Leading European research institute in life sciences, known for its discoveries.

We are grateful to all that have attended the CEITEC Summer Meeting and Lunch and we promise you that next time we will serve you warm food, less sun, and have even more concrete information, more interaction and teambuilding games ready. And we will be very happy to see even more CEITECians next time!

Download the presentation of Eliska Handlirova, Ester Jarour, and Jiri Nantl HERE.

Download the MENTIMETER results HERE.

Download the CEITEC employee survey results HERE.

Download the Wellcome trust survey results HERE.

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