CEITEC MU Best of 2019 Selection

13. Jan. 2020

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30. May 2019

Virologists Discovered a New Mechanism for Penetration of Viruses into Cells

A number of diseases, from a common cold to encephalitis or poliomyelitis, are caused by enteroviruses. To proliferate, viruses have to deliver…

15. Nov. 2019

Biochemists Developed a Device that Detects Honey Bee Diseases

A new device developed by scientists from CEITEC Masaryk University will allow for faster detection of American and European foulbrood and can be…

25. Nov. 2019

Riha: We Have Been Changing Plants for Thousands of Years. Today More Precisely

Nastala zlatá éra biologie, tvrdí Karel Říha z institutu CEITEC Masarykovy univerzity. Evropští vědci, kteří se věnují genetice rostlin, mají…

4. Apr. 2019

Scientists Have Mapped the Horseradish and Watercress Genome

Both horseradish and watercress are high in vitamins, have significant healing effects, and are very popular vegetables. Horseradish is a popular…

25. Nov. 2019

Bacteriophages Could Help Against Antibiotic Resistance

Dominik Hrebik, in collaboration with his colleagues from CEITEC Masaryk University, described the structure of the phage P68, known for its ability…