24. May 2022

Easier access to the top technologies and services in nanotechnology and materials science. Owing to the merger of the Brno laboratories CEITEC Nano and the Prague Laboratory of Structures and Nanomaterials (LNSM), a new path to expertise has opened up for researchers. After an online meeting last year, when it was not possible to meet personally because of the pandemic, the users of these shared laboratories met at CEITEC BUT at this time. They listened to the news from the newly elected research representatives of the so-called User Committee and they also had the opportunity to choose the best microscopic image of the year.

The meeting of the Core Facilities users at CEITEC BUT is traditionally held once a year. However, this year it was the first time when the users of the both laboratories (CEITEC Nano and LNSM), who can use both infrastructures due to the CzechNanoLab connection, could physically meet in Brno.

The all-day program included presentations from the representatives of the shared laboratories, as well as invited lectures. The first of them was Lenka Zajíčková, the new head of the research group at CEITEC BUT. The second lecture was given by Filip Křížek from the Institute of Physics of the ASCR and ETH Zurich.

One of the three advisory bodies of the core facilities is the User Committee. It consists of five members who are elected each year. The task of the committee is to pass on the requirements of the users of the shared laboratories to their management. The election of the new commission has taken place this year as well and you will find the results of the election below.

A popular part of the program is also a poster session and a display of the most excellent microscopic images followed by voting for the best one. The outcome is decided by the members of the jury composed mostly of the administrative staff of CEITEC BUT. The quality of the pictures is not assessed from the technological point of view or their research contribution but rather from their aesthetic aspect. See below how the best microscopic image and the best poster elections turned out.


Results from CzechNanoLab User Meeting 2022

Award for the best scientific poster:

  • O. Wojewoda - Observing high-k magnons with Mie-resonance-enhanced Brillouin light scattering
  • A. Makoveev - Kinetic Control of Self-Assembly Using a Low-Energy Electron Beam
  • A. Voronov - Magneto-optical and Opto-magnetic effects in all-dielectric nano-structures


Award for the best microscopic image:

  • T. Lednický - NanoFlower (33 points)
  • L. Blahová - Crystalline vortex (23 points)
  • W. Gao - Water Lilies (19 points)


The following people were elected as the representatives of the User Committee:

Jakub Holobrádek
Jakub Holobrádek Research Assistant

Personal Profile

Přemysl Šťastný, Ph.D.
Přemysl Šťastný, Ph.D. Junior Researcher
Phone: +420 54114 9711
Personal Profile

Ondřej Wojewoda
Ondřej Wojewoda Research Assistant

Personal Profile

Tomáš Lednický, Ph.D.
Tomáš Lednický, Ph.D. Junior Researcher
Phone: +420 54114 9222
Personal Profile

Oleksii Zadorozhnii
Oleksii Zadorozhnii Research Assistant

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