13. Jan. 2021

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Plant mothers talk to their embryos via the hormone auxin

18. 7. 2018


A Breakthrough in Plant Research

16. 8. 2019

News Media

Marek Mraz Is a New Member of the European Affairs Committee of the European…

20. 10. 2020


Scientists Have Mapped the Horseradish and Watercress Genome

4. 4. 2019

News Press Releases

Structural Virologist Pavel Plevka Will Be the Deputy Director for Research…

29. 10. 2020

Awards Research News Press Releases

Werner Von Siemens Award for the Team Led by Pavel Plevka

5. 3. 2020


Marek Mráz received prestigious ERC starting grant. He will focus on leukemia

27. 7. 2018