Ocenění MUNI Scientist 2020 pro vědkyni a vědce z CEITEC

13. Jan. 2021

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More information is available in Czech version of this page.

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18. July 2018

Plant mothers talk to their embryos via the hormone auxin

Scientists solve long-standing question about signal that regulates embryo development – Study in Nature Plants While pregnancy in humans and seed…

16. Aug. 2019

A Breakthrough in Plant Research

Scientists from the Institute of Biophysics CAS and CEITEC Masaryk University came up with a breakthrough in plant research. They have refuted…

20. Oct. 2020

Marek Mraz Is a New Member of the European Affairs Committee of the European Hematology Association (EHA)

Marek Mraz has been appointed as a new member of the European Affairs Committee of the European Hematology Association (EHA). The committee is…

4. Apr. 2019

Scientists Have Mapped the Horseradish and Watercress Genome

Both horseradish and watercress are high in vitamins, have significant healing effects, and are very popular vegetables. Horseradish is a popular…

29. Oct. 2020

Structural Virologist Pavel Plevka Will Be the Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure at CEITEC MU

CEITEC MU will have a new member on its management team. Structural Virologist Pavel Plevka will enter his new role as the Deputy Director for…

5. Mar. 2020

Werner Von Siemens Award for the Team Led by Pavel Plevka

On 5 March 2020, the team led by Pavel Plevka from CEITEC Masaryk University received the Werner von Siemens Award for the most important scientific…

27. July 2018

Marek Mráz received prestigious ERC starting grant. He will focus on leukemia

Press release, Brno, 27 July 2018; Marek Mráz, a researcher working at CEITEC Masaryk University (MU) has achieved a great success. He has obtained…