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Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory

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Head of Core Facility
Researcher ID
Phone: +420 54949 6099
Mobile: 777926665

Laboratory Characteristics

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MAFIL is open CEITEC laboratory providing advanced imaging services for CEITEC research teams as well as external users. Basic techniques on which the action is based are human MR imaging and MR spectroscopy in high field (3 T) and electrophysiological techniques (high density EEG, simultaneous measurements of electrophysiology and MRI). MAFIL expertise is mainly focused on functional and structural mapping of human brain because this core-facility was designed primarily to support neuroscience research. Regarding the fact CF MAFIL performs measurements of living subjects access to laboratory services conforms to specific organizational and operational guidelines.

Unique Features

  • The first research core-facility with MRI scanners in Czech Republic installed at the university and dedicated fully for science.
  • The first research core-facility in the Czech Republic providing open-access for both national and international customers. MAFIL is part of CzechBioImaging national research infrastructure and main part of EuroBioImaging Brno node.
  • Hyperscanning (two almost identical MR scanners can be used for simultaneous fMRI measurement of two competing or cooperating subjects).
  • Multimodal and multi-parametric approaches (combining MRI with simultaneous electrophysiology; rTMS with simultaneous EEG; combining various MRI techniques like fMRI, DTI, computational neuroanatomy etc.).
  • Cutting-edge equipment (two 3T Siemens Prisma MR scanners optimized for brain research; 256-channel MR compatible EEG; specialized hardware for stimulation and response recording).
  • Access to innovative MR pulse sequences thanks to cooperation with leading brain research centers.

Services and Methodologies Provided

General overview of MR techniques

  • Anatomical imaging offering various contrasts (T1, T2-weighting, separation of water / fat, magnetization transfer).
  • Imaging of BOLD effect (functional imaging) including multiband acquisition.
  • Imaging of diffusion of water molecules (diffusion weighted images, diffusion tensor, kurtosis) including multiband acquisition.
  • Spectroscopic measurements (single-voxel spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging) + SemiLaser and FastMap for MRS (CMRR, Minneapolis).
  • Perfusion imaging, i.e. arterial spin labelling (ASL).

General ovierview of electrophysiological techniques

  • High-density EEG (256 leads), simultaneous measurement in MR possible.
  • Standard EEG (30 leads), simultaneous measurement in MR possible.
  • Recording of electrocardiography (ECG), respiration, movement (accelerometer), skin resistance and general polygraphic signals using bipolar or unipolar leads, for e.g. electromyography (EMG) - all with the possibility of simultaneous measurement in MR.
  • rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).

Key Equipment (Core Facility fully operational from 2014)

1) Two whole-body human 3T MR scanners

  • Siemens Prisma 3T, whole-body MR scanner for imaging and spectroscopy with 60 cm bore-size, powerful gradient system (max. amplitude 80 T/m with slew-rate 200 T/m/s). RF excitation use two independent channels (TimTX TrueShape technique).
  • Available coils: head/neck (64 channels), head/neck (20 channels), spine (32 channels), body (18 channels), small and large flexible (4 channels).
  • Possible triggering with ECG, breathing belt, and pulse oximeter.
  • Possible simultaneous recording of polygraphic signals (EOG, ECG, EEG, breathing, movement, EMG, ...).
  • MR scanner A is prepared for multinuclear measurements (equipped with 1H/31P head volume coil) and equipped with Tx/Rx CP Head Coil.
  • Several sequences developed or modified in prestigious foreign institutions are available (e.g. from CMRR, University of Minnesota, University of Maastricht).

2) Equipment for functional studies

  • software E-Prime for stimulation, MATLAB, etc.
  • MR compatible audio-visual stimulation for delivering of auditory and/or visual stimuli.
  • other equipment for recording of subject’s response (buttons, keyboard etc.).

3) Electrophysiological systems for measurement in EEG lab or MR

  • 256 channel MR compatible EEG system - EGI GES 400 MR system with amplifier EGI Net Amps 400, 256 channels for EEG recording, including software for correction of artefacts caused by MR and for data analysis. Several types and sizes of EEG caps are available – MR compatible EEG caps for fast application, EEG caps for long-term measurements outside of MR, and rTMS compatible low-profile caps.
  • 30 channels MR compatible EEG/ExG system - BrainProducts BrainAmpl MR / BrainAMp ExG MR, 30 EEG channels, 1 EOG channel, ExG module. ExG module enables to record other physiological signals (ECG, EMG, skin conductance, respiratory signal, movement, general bipolar electrophysiological measurements). Software for correction of artefacts caused by MR and for data analysis.
  • ExG MR compatible system - BrainProducts BrainAMp ExG MR, ExG module enables to record other physiological signals (ECG, EMG, skin conductance, respiratory signal, movement, general bipolar electrophysiological measurements). Software for correction of artefacts caused by MR and for data analysis.
  • Shielded EEG lab - the lab is prepared for measurement of high-quality electrophysiological data inside RF shielded cabin fully equipped for audio-visual stimulation and recording of interactions of measured subject during experiment. E-prime software is used for programming of stimulation. Hardware configuration of lab is prepared for simultaneous recording with EEG and ExG systems.
  • rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) with frameless stereotaxy.

Czech and international researchers from universities and research institutes interested in accessing core facilities can benefit from support of research infrastructure Czech-BioImaging, funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.



Vol. 4 (2/2017)

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VOL. 3 (1/2017)


VOL. 2 (2/2016)


VOL. 1 (1/2016)



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Name and position



Michal Mikl, Ph.D.
Head of Core Facility
+420 54949 6099
Pavel Daniel
+420 54949 8197, +420 543 182 641
Peter Latta
Researcher, MR physicist
+420 54949 5622
Lubomír Vojtíšek, Ph.D.
Specialist, Manager MR equipments
+420 54949 7779
Martin Kojan
Specialist, Manager EEG laboratory
+420 54949 8197
Tomáš Slavíček
+420 54949 7800
Marek Bartoň
+420 54949 5432
Radek Mareček
Deputy Laboratory Leader, Specialist
+420 54949 7775, +420 543 182 641
Martin Lamoš
Specialist, assistant administrator electrophysiology
+420 54949 7801
Michaela Vaňharová, Ph.D.
Laboratory administrator, Specialist
+420 54949 7826
Martin Gajdoš
+420 54949 4031
Petr Kudlička
Specialist, operator MR+EEG
+420 54949 8197
Prof. MUDr. Ivan Rektor, CSc.
Research Group Leader
+420 54949 6057, +420 543 182 623
Veronika Fabíková
Specialist, operator MR+EEG
+420 54949 8197
Eva Štipčáková
Specialist, operator MR
+420 54949 7774
Pavla Hanzlíková
Petra Zemánková
PhD student
+420 54949 8006
Monika Fňašková
+420 54949 7774
Pavel Říha
+420 54949 5432
Michaela Montilla
Zuzana Koudelková
+420 54949 8197



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  • RIAT-CZ (ATCZ40), Interreg CZ-AT, 2016 - 2018
  • CzechBioimaging - Modernizace a podpora výzkumných aktivit národní infrastruktury pro biologické a medicínské zobrazování Czech-BioImaging (CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001775), MEYS, 2017 - 2020
  • Czech-BioImaging - National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging (LM2015062), MEYS, 2016 - 2019

Equipment Research group / CF Profile card
EEG systém EEG systém
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
MR compatible EEG/polygraphic system supports a variety of electrophysiological measurements (EEG, ECG, respiration, skin resistance, EMG, etc.) MR compatible EEG/polygraphic system supports a variety of electrophysiological measurements (EEG, ECG, respiration, skin resistance, EMG, etc.)
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
MR compatible polygraphic system supports a variety of electrophysiological measurements (ECG, respiration, skin resistance, EMG, etc.) MR compatible polygraphic system supports a variety of electrophysiological measurements (ECG, respiration, skin resistance, EMG, etc.)
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
MR compatible stimulation system MR compatible stimulation system
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) with frameless stereotaxy CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
Whole-body human  3T MR scanner Whole-body human 3T MR scanner
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory
Whole-body human  3T MR scanner Whole-body human 3T MR scanner
CF: Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory

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