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Head of Core Facility

Milan Ešner, Ph.D. Milan Ešner, Ph.D. Head of Core Facility
Phone: +420 54949 6133

Main Activity                                        


Core Facility Cellular Imaging (CELLIM) provides services in the area of light microscopy and offers comprehensive expertize related to sample preparation, image acquisition and data analysis. We also provide access to widefield and confocal microscopes and individual training of users in operation of microscopes, image acquisition and data analysis.

Unique Features

Microscopy and image analysis are fundamental tools of modern cellular and molecular biology and our goal is to provide not only access to the newest equipment and software but also to assist researchers with designing and executing experiments, sample preparation and data acquisition and analysis.
Services and Methodologies Provided
• Access to widefield and confocal microscopes
• Access to image analysis tools
• Project design and assistance in planning of experiments
• Training of users in sample preparation, image acquisition and data analysis
• Data acquisition and image analysis provided by CF staff

The Core Facility is part of European Research Infrastructure Consortium EuroBioImaging ERIC under the CzechBioImaging research infrastructure funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. In case you would publish data obtained in our core facility, please don't forget to acknowledge our CF:

We acknowledge the core facility CELLIM of CEITEC supported by the Czech-BioImaging large RI project (LM2018129 funded by MEYS CR) for their support with obtaining scientific data presented in this paper.