Multi-modal and Functional Neuroimaging - Ivan Rektor
Multi-modal and Functional Neuroimaging - Ivan Rektor


20. July 2020

Stres ničí mozek... a hudba ho léčí

Jako první český vědec byl zvolen členem korespondentem Americké neurologické asociace. Prof. MUDr. IVAN REKTOR (71), CSc., FCMA, FANA,…

15. Apr. 2020

Can Stress Be Inherited? Follow-Up Research on Second and Third Generations of Holocaust Survivors Published

An international team of scientists, led by Czech neuroscientist, Professor Ivan Rektor from CEITEC Masaryk University, recently confirmed that the…

8. Oct. 2019

Alzheimer's Disease Can Be Treated by Dancing. How Does It Help the Sick?

Že bychom se mohli z Alzheimerovy nemoci vytancovat? Asi by to bylo hezké. Zatím ale tým profesorky Ireny Rektorové prokázal v unikátní studii, že…

4. Oct. 2019

Prof. Rector Appointed as Scientific Delegate for Neuroimaging at Euro-Bioimaging ERIC

Profesor MUDr. Ivan Rektor, CSc., neurolog z I. neurologické kliniky Lékařské fakulty Masarykovy univerzity ve Fakultní nemocnici u svaté Anny v Brně…

2. July 2019

World Media about Professor Rektor's research on the Holocaust's impact on survivors and their descendants

  The physical effects of the Holocaust remain present in the brains of survivors and could affect the mental health of at least three…

21. Mar. 2019

MUNI celebrates 100 years with CEITEC

The article is only in Czech. 

24. Jan. 2019

Holokaust se zapsal i do mozků našich dětí

The article is only in Czech. 

8. Jan. 2019

Vědecký seriál ČT: Trauma v šedé zóně

The article is only in Czech.

3. May 2018

Actor Arnost Goldflam participated in the Holocaust survivors research

Thirteen family members of the Czech actor, playwright, director, teacher and writer Arnost Goldflam died in a concentration camp, and his…

27. Feb. 2018

Holocaust heirs - Interview with Prof. Ivan Rektor

Interview with prof. Ivan Rector for Interview 1/2018 (only in Czech). 

26. Feb. 2018

Prestigious award of Werner von Siemens for the first and the second best diploma thesis goes to CEITEC

Prestigious award of Werner von Siemens for the first and the second best diploma thesis, awarded by Siemens company, goes to CEITEC this year. …

26. Oct. 2017

Ivan Rektor was awarded with the title Ambassador for Epilepsy

Ivan Rektor was awarded with the title Ambassador for Epilepsy, the highest award of the International League Against Epilepsy. Ivan Rektor…

13. July 2017

Ivan Rektor for BBC World Service: Holocaust survivors and changes in their brain and DNA

BBC Wold Service (from 8:46) – Listen to Prof. Ivan Rektor introducing CEITEC MU and research about holocaust survivors and changes in…

25. May 2017

Professor Rektor for Czech Radio: Serious impacts on holocaust survivors psychic condition

CZECH RADIO: An interview with professon Ivan Rektor about research of transmission of Holocaust trauma to descendants of survivors (CZEC ONLY).

15. Dec. 2016

Scientists are researching whether holocaust stress has been transmitted to other generations

Serious impacts on the psyche of descendants of people who have survived the holocaust have been described many times. Experts from Neuroscience…