You are invited to the CEITEC Seminar Series aimed at Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. The main goal of this series is to directly convey the knowledge on the-state-of-the-art achievements and directions in this field to researchers via talks of top-scientists from renowned institutions worldwide. This should raise awareness of the latest trends and promote cooperation among scientists from all relevant CEITEC institutions leading to excellent research. Each seminar will last for 50 minutes plus 10 minutes devoted to questions.


Upcoming AMN Seminar Series 2020


All upcoming CEITEC Seminar Series you can find in our calendar.


Passed AMN Seminar Series 2019

Autumn 2019

  • Prof. Samuel Sanchez: Nanorobots As Novel Theranostic Tools: Smart Drug Delivery And Imaging  >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Shahragim Tajbakhsh: Stem And Niche Cell Interactions During Development Regeneration  >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Dr. Mato Knez: Atomic Layer Processing: A Toolbox For Fabricating Novel Functional Hybrid Materials >> More about lecture  
  • Dr. Deborah Crawford: Extrusion: Extrusion: An Effcient Technique For The Manufacture Of Organic Compounds And Materials >> More about lecture                          
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Gollas: From the Lab to Technical Scale - Aluminum Electroplating from Iconic Liquids  >> More about lecture         

Spring 2019

  • Assoc. Prof. Igor Adameyko: How The Muscles In The Body Develop Their Orientation >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Takayuki Kitamura: Challenge For Fracture Nanomechanics >> More about lecture            
  • Prof. Thierry Djenzian: Self-organized Titania Nanotubes For Advanced Li-ion Microbatteries >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Paolo Vavassori: Perspectives of magneto-plasmonic nanostructures and crystals  >> More about lecture

Passed AMN Seminar Series 2018

Autumn 2018

  • Prof. Aliksandr Bandarenka: Identification of Catalytically Active Sites at Electrode Surfaces >> More about lecture
  • Pierre Marquet: Exploring cell structure, dynamics and homeostasis with quantitative phase digital holographic microscopy: towards identifying specific cell phenotypes >> More about lecture
  • Oliver Schmidt: Nanophotonics with nanomembranes >> More about lecture
  • Robert Vassen: Repair of Ni-based Superalloys using Cold Spray >> More about lecture
  • Rico Gutzler: 2D (Metal-)Organic Networks as Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion >> More about lecture
  • Igor Lacík: Next generation diabetes treatment by encapsulated insulin-producing cells >> More about lecture

Spring 2018

  •  Dr. Vinicius Santana: Exploring magnetic properties via Electron Spin Resonance >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Nina Obradovic: Wollastonite based ceramics for water purification >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Andriy Marko: Advances in PELDOR methodology and applications >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Achim W. Hassel: State of the art investigations of passive films; from material libraries over photoelectrochemistry to trace analysis >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Joy Richman: Diving into the Marianas Trench of human craniofacial development – Using 3D imaging to explore growth of the head in the middle trimester >> More about lecture
  • Alexander Kromka: Synthetic diamond thin films: a brilliant in science  >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Vörös Janos: Microstructured nanocomposite materials for bioelectronics >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Dafine Ravelsona: Influence of disorder on domain wall dynamics in CoFeB-MgO structures with perpendicular anisotropy >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Roman Motiyenko: High-resolution terahertz spectroscopy of molecules of astrophysical interest >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Zbigniew Sojka: Computational EPR Spectroscopy of Randomly Oriented Materials >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Maksym Myronov: High mobility strained Germanium low-dimensional systems >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Shangda Jiang: Endohedral Fullerenes as Molecular Qubits  >> More about lecture
  • Prof. David Hahn: 3D Bioprinting: The Intersection of Engineering and Medicine >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Andriy Milchev: Stiffness-guided motion of a droplet on a solid substrates >> More about lecture

Passed AMN Seminar Series 2017

Autumn 2017

  • Dr. Ing. Jan Macák: ALD Functionalized Self-Organized TiO2 Nanotube Layers for Applications >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Zoltán Racz: Paper-based Electronics – Materials, Fabrication and Applications >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Dorotha M. Chudoba: Research possibilities in Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Vanessa Hearnden: Biomaterials and in vitro models for soft tissue wound healing >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Alba Marcellan: Some strategies for gel toughening: from polymer adsorption onto nanoparticles to phase transition >> More about lecture 
  • Dr. Kostas Geogarakis: Bulk Metallic Glasses: Uncovering the structural pathway to vitrification >> More about lecture

Spring 2017

  • Ing. Pavel Neužil, Dr., DSc.: A new way to create IC/MEMS layout >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Lars Berglund: Nanocomposites and nanomaterials from cellulose - combining structural and functional properties >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Abdel El Fatimy: Low-dimensional materials for broadband light detection >> More about lecture
  • Dr. Matteo Mannini: Exploring properties of magnetic molecules on surfaces using a multitechnique approach >> More about lecture
  • Daniel Primetzhofer: Electronic interactions of medium-energy ions: Recent results and their implications for high-resolution depth profiling >> More about lecture
  • Ulrike Diebold: Using Ion Spectroscopies for Unraveling Atomic-Scale Processes Relevant for Catalysis and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Dr. Paul S. Weiss: Precise Chemical, Physical, and Electronic Nanoscale Contacts >> More about lecture
  • Prof. Robert Liska: Smart Photopolymers: from 3D printing to biomaterials >> More about lecture