CEITEC Nano Core Facility

CEITEC Nano Core Facility provides access to technology equipment for nanotechnology and material science research. The research infrastructure is concentrated in 4 core facilities that offer complete processes for the preparation and characterization of nanoobjects, up to the sub-nanometer level, in a dust-free environment and with high operational cleanliness. Research areas utilizing CEITEC Nano research infrastructure capacities include physics and chemistry of low-dimensional systems (spintronics, nanoelectronics), material sciences including solid-state physics, chemistry, surface engineering, biochemistry, bioengineering and biomedicine.

The uniqueness of laboratories lies in the possibility of so-called "open" and "self-service" access. This is because not only the CEITEC scientific teams, but also other academic and industrial users are able to take advantage of the comprehensive device complex. In addition to the services provided by research infrastructure staff, it is a characteristic of this infrastructure that almost all equipment can be operated directly by users.