8. Jan. 2021

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New Diagnostic Method Will Help with Early Detection of Colon Cancer

18. 2. 2020

News Awards

Lukas Zidek from CEITEC Received Petr Sedmera Award

9. 4. 2020

News Awards Research

Lukáš Flajšman Received the Josef Hlávka Award for His Work on the Properties…

16. 11. 2020

News Awards

Michaela Krafcikova Received Jean-Marie Lehn Award in Chemistry

10. 9. 2020

News Interviews and Views Awards

Zita Salajková on Laser Spectroscopy, a Recent Research Award in Kyoto and the…

31. 10. 2020

News Awards Research

We Are World Class in Electron Microscopy and Plasmon Antenna Spectroscopy,…

8. 10. 2020

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Student from CEITEC Develops an Accurate and Affordable Bioanalyzer for…

3. 5. 2020

Research Media News

A Patch For Deep Burns That Speeds Up Healing And Prevents Wetting

6. 3. 2020

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Partner Institutions Signed New Consortium Agreement Validating the…

24. 11. 2020

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Robert Vacha from CEITEC Received the ERC Consolidator Grant to Fight…

9. 12. 2020

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Werner Von Siemens Award for the Team Led by Pavel Plevka

5. 3. 2020

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Karel Riha From CEITEC Was Elected as a New EMBO Member

8. 7. 2020

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The Chemical Consequences of the Special Theory of Relativity in Nuclear…

12. 8. 2020

News Media Interviews and Views

Jak dlouho nás bude koronavirus trápit? Obávám se, že rok, možná rok a půl,…

7. 4. 2020

News Awards

CEITEC Awarded By the Mayor of Brno for Help During the Pandemic

19. 8. 2020

News Press Releases Research

Scientists, Doctors, and Informaticians in Brno Develop Unique Bioinformatics…

3. 6. 2020

News Research Press Releases

Researchers From CEITEC Described Biomarkers That Predict Response to CAR-T…

24. 4. 2020

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The Weakness of Tumour Cells Could Be Protein CDK11

5. 5. 2020

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Scientists From CEITEC Revealed New Secrets of Gene Regulation in Plants

21. 7. 2020

News Awards

Cytogeneticist Terezie Mandakova Received the GACR Award

24. 9. 2020

News Research

A CEITEC Team Designed a New Way of Preparation of Nanostructures with a Unique…

8. 7. 2020

News Research

Unique Research Has Showed the Benefits of Surface Treatment of Particles in…

5. 10. 2020

News Awards Press Releases

CEITEC PhD Students Excelled in the Brno Ph.D. Talent Competition

14. 2. 2020